by Dean Kyte



In this short poetic essay, Melbourne writer Dean Kyte reflects on the allure of the city at night.

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Longtemps, je n’ai pas aimé sortir le soir.

People are different at night. Under cover of its camouflage, their true, lupine colours show through.

But after experiencing the giallonoir lights of Paris, I seemed to lose my fear of night and the city. And over time, I learned to love to bathe in golden shadows. For things other than fleurs du mal bloom at night:—I love the lights, which, like penetrating rays of consciousness, flashes of inspiration blossoming in the black soil of the subconscious, require the loam of deep darkness to spark the oneiric reverie of their fiorrific flames.

In time I understood, like reading the rebus of a dream, what the clairobscure image of night and light was telling me: the lonely tiges of these solitudinous sentinelles, aureoled in melting platinum and nodding in la notte, were images of my own sombre soul burning tygerbright fra le selve oscure della gente.


released March 13, 2021
Jagadamba: “Domestic Sounds » Vehicle passing -
driving car - lorry - van - bus - tractor - truck”
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Kharnivore: “ambience » cars passing by”
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Yuval: “room-tone » room small night”
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Dean Kyte Melbourne, Australia

Dean Kyte is a writer, artist, filmmaker and flâneur.

He is the author of five books and two collections of short films.

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